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" Recently we have seen a surge in serious injuries and deaths from crane accidents due to crane collapses, tip overs, crane design defects, overloading, falling equipment, dropped loads from poor rigging, working in high winds, electrocutions from high voltage electrical wire contact, spills, injuries during erection or dismantling of the crane, falls, lack of inspections, mechanical failure, operator error and negligence and inadequately trained or certified crane operators. Additionally there is a shortage of highly skilled crane operators due to the tremendous need and job opportunities overseas on huge construction projects, offshore and platform oil & gas drilling operations and projects in the Middle East, Asia and other foreign countries.

Even though crane accidents are a rare occurrence, bad injuries and deaths can result, when they do happen. Due to nature of the beast, cranes are heavy, they carry heavy loads & objects high in the air and when there is a collapse, loads fall, tip-over or other crane related incident or accident, gravity increases the forces involved and people get badly hurt. Hopefully with further crane accident education of the dangers of cranes and riggings and more required training and certifications of crane operators, there will be fewer crane accidents in the future. Until then, we must hold the negligent parties accountable. If not, crane accidents will become more frequent and the toll of human lives and families will become intolerable."    

                                                                                             David P. Willis - Attorney at Law

Crane Collapses, Tip Overs & Accidents

Crane accidents of course occur in many varied ways.  When you have an inexperienced or poorly trained operator behind the controls of a 1 ton or a 500 ton crane or any size crane for that matter, then anyone within the zone of danger is a potential victim. Just one careless or reckless move can cause the lives of dozens of workers nearby. Below are some examples of the most common types of cranes

  • Mobile Crane Accidents
  • Tower Crane Collapses & Accidents
  • Marine & Ship Crane Accidents
  • Railroad Yard Crane Accidents
  • Cherry Pickers & Truck Crane Accidents
  • Manlift Accidents & Bucket Trucks

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